Best in the West Beard Festival

The best in the West Beard Festival is a festival for all things facial hair. On top of that the festival is a fundraiser for Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful hosted by none other than The Altruistic American. If you are interested scroll down for more information. 

B.I.T.W.B.F. Info.


World Famous

The Best in the West Beard Festival is for everyone. From  vendors to the world famous beard competition there is fun to be had by all who attend.  We try to add something different every year, just to keep things exciting. Last year we added Peach Fuzz City, a kids area, it was a blast!


For a Good Cause

All proceeds from TBITWBF go directly to Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful. KTMB puts their money where their mouth is. With the money donated they use tools like education, preservation and hands on clean up events to beautify our communities green spaces, ensuring the next generation can enjoy them more than we have!

KTMB's website

Want more?

If you are a die hard beardo like the Founder of TAA, Chris Battenberg, then you might want to check out our Northern Nevada Beard League page. We post our Beard season events there,  where you can win an invitation to compete at TBITWBF if you take first place in your category. 


Best in the west beard festival categories


12 inches and longer aka 12+

This is for all you die hard beardos that just can't or won't part ways with those luscious facial locks! If your beard has more than 20 hairs that measure longer than 12 inches then this category is for you! 

12 inches and shorter aka 12-

This is for all of you that want that monster beard but just can't make it, or maybe it's a beard in training, either way this is the category for you so long as you don't measure over 12 inches. 


I'll be your huckleberry! We love this category, it has some of the best characters show up to compete! So long as the hair comes from the upper lip then you are ready to compete!

Women and Kids

Yeah you read that right we have a Ladies and Kids category. They don't compete against each other, no worries there. The ladies and kids make their own beard. DIY and the more creative and decorated the beard the better your chances for a podium win! 

*Disclaimer, if a Lady wants to compete with natural hair we are in full support but you will have to compete in the category best suited for your facial hair style and or length.*


This is for all you business beards, goatees and massive chop wearing folks. So long as your facial hair don't connect all the way around your face then you are in. This will be up to the registration official, if they say you don't fit the requirements for the category then it's a no to said category, and this goes for all of TBITWBF categories. 


This is obviously the crowd favorite and quite frankly we are fans as well. This is for all you beardcasos out there, twist it, curl it, spike it, design it, all is welcome. The only restriction for the Freestyle category is the use of fake hair, fake hair is not allowed for freestyle and is cause for removal from the competition.